Face Painting for Birthday Parties

Are you planning to throw a birthday party for your kids? Then consider adding one of our metro Detroit artists to your event to make things even more memorable! Face painting for birthday parties will make even the littlest ones among us look cool, revel in their favorite colors and express themselves. Here is a look at what our Detroit face painters can do for you and how to choose an excellent face painter for your birthday event. 313-284-1388

Benefits of Hiring a Face Painter for Birthday Parties

Keep kids engaged from beginning to end

Face painting for birthday parties is a simple and well-organized activity: Our painter will work on the kids as you remain free to organize the party and receive guests. A face painter can help keep your kids entertained as they wait for some special guest you have invited. Most importantly, your child won’t feel neglected but feel special with each design.

Make things memorable

Face painting artists help you create some excellent memories; the child and their friends will treasure forever (selfies galore!!).  Especially for kids who love art, a fun face painting will make them feel special as they are transformed into their favorite superhero character using different color themes.

Bring in creativity and uniqueness

Birthday entertainment can be more than a singing and dancing extravaganza when you throw in something creative and unique. Gone are the days of check-designs crafted using cheap store paint; nowadays face painting artists make use of cosmetic grade paints and other high-quality materials to craft excellent designs to delight your guests. Our talented face painters can do extra by throwing in some themed parties and dressing extras such as angels, pirates, and princesses, ghouls, and monsters too to keep the kids in attendance entertained. Surely the celebration you throw is going to be the talk of the town!

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Choosing a Face Painter

Setting up a face painting booth for your birthday party depends on your budget and the work you want your face painter to do. Not all professional face painters are created the same, so here are a few things to consider when choosing an expert to keep your little angels in attendance entertained:

The type of paint they use

Choose a face painter who makes use of FDA approved, cosmetic-grade paint that is safe for your kids. Paints that are not hypoallergenic can leave your child’s skin in a mess; therefore, avoid painters who make use of weird cheap store paints.

Level of sanitation

While there are no laws guiding the sanitation of face paint, a professional face painting artist will sanitize their paint brushes before every dip and have a different sponge for each kid. Therefore, check if your prospect has reliable materials, like makeup sanitizer and enough sponges, before hiring them.


Your face painters are going to work with kids and accidents have been known to occur, so a reliable face painter should possess insurance cover for different accidents.

Reviews and Background

Background checks give you insight into who you’re letting into your home; you don’t want a criminal around your kids now, do you? And on the heels of background checks is finding out how their previous customer rated them. Artists who don’t want to share their previous reviews cannot be trusted. Always find out their reputation first before securing their services.

Clean up

A professional face painter makes use of paint brands that are easier to remove once the child gets over the artwork. They should walk you through cleaning and paint removal procedure.


Lastly, there’s the matter of price. Consider getting a professional face painter who charges per hour rather than per face. Some excellent face painters will even reduce the cost time, e.g. $50 for the first hour and a reduction in price for further hours to make things affordable for you. 

Face painting offers creativity and uniqueness to your kid’s birthday party. Help your kids take on their favorite fairy-tale characters and let their faces shine, shall you? Call us today to get face painting artist for birthday parties! 313-284-1388

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