Face Painting for Community Events

Planning a fun event? Consider adding face painting for community events. Face painting is a creative way of applying different color paint to create unique and attractive face makeup and patterns. This requires a talented painter with a great choice of safe paints. Add some flavor to your event with some exciting colorful face paints. Face painting is one of the kids’ (and adults) favorite activities. 

Metro Detroit Face Painting Pros has a vast number of face paint brands and types available to use –  crayon paints, water, UV neon paints, Snazaroo painting kit, organic ultimate paints, Melissa and Doug painting pack, sensitive skin face paints, and Mehron Paradise pro paints. Our expert metro Detroit face painters will know the exact paint that suits your face to match the event. This is why you need to get the best face painters to enhance your party. Whether you want a variety of face patterns, lion makeup, tiger faces makeup, spider man patterns, shark patterns, colorful jellyfish face design, jest face painting, reindeer face paints, or other face painting design patterns, our Detroit face painters have you covered! 313-284-1388

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How to choose a good face painter?

Here are a few things to look for when finding face painters:

Paint consistency – A good painter should have experience in all types of face paints (inky, watery, creamy, and dry/sticky paints.) Do they know how to apply? Or what type of face paint to apply to a specific face?

Accuracy – How accurate does the final image or pattern comes out? For instance, if your face painter is supposed to paint  a lion face, at the end of the painting, does the lion face actually look like a lion – – or does it look like a fish? Our metro Detroit face painters pride themselves on creating accurate face painting 

Creativity – S/he should be able to design a fitting pattern on any face. Using an appropriate face painting tool in the right procedure, your face paint artist should be able to recreate various patterns creatively on all faces. 

Cleanliness – Safety is the number one priority for any event. Your face painting professionals should use clean tools, safe face paints, and the whole process should be handled with tremendous care. 


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Different events or parties attract different face painting techniques depending on the audience. Adults parties require professionals and creative painters. Kids on the other hand, tend to enjoy magical and fun face designs – like unicorns and their favorite cartoon characters. Some events involve both parents and their children. How to fit in all these activities as a painter is a challenge, but Metro Detroit Face Painting Pros are experts at providing the proper balance of creativity for events that involve adults and children to provide face painting for community events. 

Creating memorable moments is the key to life. Apart from spending quality time together with family, friends, community members, and business. Joyous memories keep us connected more than ever. Doing one great thing for your kids, friends or workers motivates them and gives them a sense of care and belonging. Feeling of appreciation by the loved ones. That is why community activities are highly encouraged. Face painting for community events brings long term memories to life. 

Halloween events, community picnics, school functions, grand openings, street festivals, carnivals, state and county fairs, and cultural events are great examples of events that are enhanced by our metro Detroit face painters. Give us a call today to learn about our face painting services for metro Detroit events. 313-284-1388

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